Friday, July 30, 2010

After the Big Blue Envelope

Did I say that big blue envelope is also fat? It's filled with well-organized files for step-by-step process for accepting my assignment plus applying for a "no fee" passport and my Azerbaijan visa. Also files with instructions to prepare an assignment-related resume and PC aspiration statement that goes to Azerbaijan PC staff. And my online toolkit was updated with an incredible Azeri language learning manual to assuage my fears about learning.
So after submitting an updated resume et al, more emails from PC in DC to match me with a host family and learn my learning style; received email addresses for current PCVs in Azerbaijan as resources. I'm impressed.

Also got connected to MN Returned PCVs for a great send-off and opportunity to meet local applicants, nominees, and invitees! What an inspiring group of kindred spirits!

I took a few more steps by re-designing my blog (found a regional map and added an RSS feed), joining a FB group for AZ8 and following their blogs. Love to see their photos of hfamilies and friends and Azerbaijan. Could this have been possible 50 years ago? I'm starting to feel spoiled by technology here, but return to core values of service to others and integrity that landed me in this place and time.

Big thanks to others who run the unofficial PC timeline and journal links.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Getting my mind around Retired

Still thinking about standing in front of my co-workers and Anton Thursday afternoon at my retirement party. Hard to look at everyone and think about saying good-bye - held back tears and talked about Peace Corps and the health of Mother Earth (where did that come from)? So happy and thankful to receive a Kindle to load with books to read while in Azerbaijan. Heard there's a TEFL for Dummies book!

It's too early to sink in that I won't be going to work on Monday. I'm still filling out General Mills retiree paperwork and need to turn in my stuff August 2nd. Lots to do between now and Sept 23rd including a visit to new Restaurant Baku - yes right here in the 'burbs of Minneapolis.