Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moving On

It's early Tuesday AM and lots of things filling my mind before my flight to Philly tomorrow. Might as well make one last "to do" list. That includes moving this Applicant blog over to the Country blog for Azerbaijan.
I am amazed and thankful for the many well wishes from strangers when I mention that I am leaving for the Peace Corps. This happened even when I called Comcast and T-mobile to discontinue service.  In fact, the T-mobile rep. was very supportive and offered the option of turning off my phone service for 2 years - the same program offered to members of the military service. Yes to that means having the same phone number when I return from overseas. Sweet.

I'll add a couple photos taken Sunday at the family reunion in Fond du Lac. Top one is my son Anton, mother and sister Sarah. Photo below is of my siblings - Dick, me, Barbara, Diane, Sarah, and Tracy.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mindful in Minneapolis

Do I have time for this? Less than 2 weeks before flying to Philly and I'm blogging! Getting my thoughts written down helps. This probably should be in my private journal but that's under a pile of stuff to pack. Arghhh!
Here goes:
1. go to nearby UPS store, get my AZ address into their computer, and find out cost of mailing to AZ
2. sell teak dresser, my car, TV and iMac on Craigslist (send email to MN RPCV)
3. empty desk drawers, book shelves and clean them
4. pack give-away items for siblings for family reunion
5. go to bank re: my account while I'm gone and set up account with Anton
6. disconnect Comcast, electric, T-mobile, Netflix
7. pick up Winter coat from Irina and box it for Anton to mail if needed
8. take down pictures et al from walls and pack for storage
9. go to Midwest Mountaineering, Macy's and Target - thanks to gift cards!
10. last pickup of CSA veggies tonight and phone mother
11. empty kitchen cupboards - too early to empty fridge
12. listen to Azeri language lessons
13. get out my calendar planner and write these things there so I don't feel so stressed!
14. Wean myself away from news, computer, TV - except for tonight's Colbert Report lol
15. Look forward to Bon Voyage gathering with friends this Saturday night!

Thinking about moving this blog from "applicant" to country of Azerbaijan! Maybe next week.
I feel better already!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day reflections

Instead of filling my mind with the Peace Corps today, I'm thinking of the construction union my dad joined after many years of farming. That union membership turned out to be a long-time blessing for my family. In 1963, my 10 year old brother John became sick and permanently disabled. Hearing of those medical costs, the members of my dad's union voted to increase their own health insurance premiums so that every union member had comprehensive medical coverage. I wonder if I could have continued in college if my young brother's medical bills had not been covered by union insurance.
And today my mother at age 96 continues to have drug coverage through the Wisconsin Laborers at a much, much lower rate than Medicare Part D - all because my dad had the good sense to join a union.

Dad also had a sense of humor, so I'll also write about one of his funny lines. In the summer of 1975 - just before he turned 65 - he was picking cherries, fell out of the tree, broke his arm, and was unable to work. He chose to retire but he would always tell people that he fell out of a cherry tree and decided to retire just before he hit the ground!

He would indeed be proud to know that I'm joining the Peace Corps.