Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back from Tovus - on to Tblisi

Off the top of my head: Had an inspiring week assisting Jess with her summer day camp and hope to replicate some of the activities at my school next year. But mostly I took photos, so here are a few from that week.

Next I'll be heading to Tblisi Georgia for a few days, then return to AZ to help with another English day camp in Sumgayit. Day camps have been an enlightenment since the activities and crafts were not part of my long ago childhood. Yes, I've learned to make friendship bracelets and play Ninja, Whale and Minnows, Chiefs, and play that sing-songy "Down by the banks of the hanky-panky. Where the bullfrogs leap from bank to banky . . . 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Masalli Summer Camp Ends!

Home alone, but it's not my home. Sally and Melissa left Friday afternoon at the end of camp so I have Sally's apartment to myself. This morning I sorted and packed all my teaching and PC stuff for moving on Sunday. Did some laundry, cleaning, and most of my clothes are packed too.

Thanks to my former host dad, we'll probably make 2 trips to the large house I'll be renting from Gunlar, a 40-something widow. I'm a bit anxious to see the place again since she needed 4 months rent in advance to pay for tiling the kitchen floor and the bathroom. She also agreed to put in a phone line and internet, so I won't need to trek to internet cafe.

My biggest concern about this house has been finding the route from it to the main road, and locating the markets for food and veggies. There is only 1 marsrutka that travels near it and the house itself is not walking distance to the bazar. But it is in Digah village and much closer to my school than before, so I will be exploring the neighborhood. Hopefully, that will help me improve my language skills too.

Summer Camp can be called successful since we did reach nearly 25 kids and did lots of different activities. It is much different than classroom, and the kids enjoyed learning new games and I suspect some new friends too. Don't they look like they had fun?!!!

All were from Sally's school and she had many ideas for crafts and activities. I've decided that my school can do this next year so I made lots of notes about what we did and materials we needed. It was good to have 4 PCVs there to help plan and manage things. Alicia had returned to her village so missed being in this photo. 

I'm looking forward to traveling to a village near Tovuz to help at another PCV's camp July 11 - 16, then travel with Elaine to Georgia for a few days.