Tuesday, August 14, 2012

From AZ to Turkey to Washington, DC

Much has happened since my last post in July. I was in a traffic accident July 22nd while vacationing in Turkey with another PCV. We both suffered broken shoulders and multiple bruises and abrasions, but received very good care at a hospital in Nevsehir and then a hospital in Istanbul.  Photos of black eyes to follow!
Peace Corps has been exceptional in providing care - including both an air ambulance plus the AZ PC doctor accompanied us to Washington DC re: Medevac and all the attendant paperwork.
It seems so many days ago but I am regaining my energy, seeing a physical therapist regularly, and trying to comprehend the impact of what happened. Returning to finish my PC service is on my mind and I am very hopeful that I can return for several months to work with my English teachers at Digah School.

For now, I am learning to accept the care and many kindnesses of others. I have my right arm in a black sling and people have been so sweet to open doors, carry my things, and even tie my shoes. It is not easy to type yet, so my posts will be short and few.