Sunday, February 24, 2013

Updating my PC blog re: accident et al

It's February 2013 and I can't believe I never updated this Peace Corps blog with a link to a new blog I  created. It is a mini-diversion regarding my broken shoulder and care after a traffic accident while on vacation with another PCV in Turkey. That accident and hospitalization seem disconnected from anything I had previously written about teaching English in Azerbaijan. So I began creating a few new posts last August during my 45-day recovery stay in Washington, DC.

Here's the link to those few entries which I managed to type back then with only my left-hand. (As of this date in February 2013, I'm able to type again with both hands!)

Better news and another blog seem in order. I recently received word that I have been medically approved to return to Azerbaijan to finish my Peace Corps service. It has been almost 7 months since the traffic accident that "interrupted" my service. I specifically asked to be medically separated in the hopes that I would recover and return to AZ within a year.

I had such hopes and dreams to complete the sustainability portion of my service. That is, I was preparing to coach and assist the English teachers at my school in using current inter-active language teaching methods. Hardest of all was not being able to say good-bye to my host families, teachers, students, and people in the community where I had lived for nearly 2 years.

Soon I will begin anew to write again about my return to Masalli, Azerbaijan. Watch this space for a link to another new blog as I am Inspired to Return.

Every blog post needs a photo so here are 2! Three of my 4 sisters enjoyed visiting mother when she celebrated her 99th birthday on January 24th in Fond du Lac, WI.